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Rooms interior, cozy atmosphere. Abstract words cannot compare with reality. It is better just to have a look.

Conference halls

Conference halls of Dastan Hotel Aktobe are suitable for carrying out seminars, presentations, workshops, brain-storming and conferences.We have two halls – major and minor.

The halls are provided with necessary equipment: projector, screen, sound system, laptop, microphones, flipcharts, whiteboard and markers. You may also order a food & beverages accompaniment of the event: coffee-breaks, lunch and dinner in Sumatra restaurant. For more details please contact F&B manager. Choose time, layout and food & beverages suitable for your event.

Major hall

Major hall

Maximum capacity of Major hall is about 90 seats within theatre layout. Major hall has a separate street entrance and is a good choice for public events: press-conferences, presentations and meetings.

Minor hall

Minor hall

Small-scale meetings, brainstorming, seminars and focus group research may be held in Minor hall designed for gathering about 35 persons.

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Layout styles

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